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A-Z Wholesale VoIP Termination Services

Premium Voice Calls Every Time, Anytime, Anywhere

The Perfect Voice Termination Fit for Your Business

A prime telecom leader in its class, Davox Telecom offers premium A-Z voice termination services to both landline and mobile destinations worldwide. Specializing in carrier-grade voice termination services, Davox Telecom is proud to provide powerful and reliable short duration termination to high volume call and contact centers, in addition to voice origination and toll-free numbers. Now is the time for your business to benefit from unrivaled voice call clarity at amazingly low costs.

If you're looking for a reliable and powerful voice termination provider you can count on, Davox Telecom is your go-to wholesale VoIP provider. Our service comes standard with the most advanced termination technologies, superb global coverage and redundancy. You are welcome to explore our full range of A-Z termination services by segments below, or by navigating through the side bar on the right.

Voice Termination for VoIP Providers

Davox Telecom has established a sturdy, expansive network of premium routes, POPs and servers to ensure every ITSP client can enjoy excellent termination in reachable as well as accessibility-challenged destinations. This is just a taste of the world of possibilities our voice termination for VoIP providers has to offer. Score industry-grade call quality and redundancy you can always count on.

In addition, our unrivaled service support will sort out any hiccups you may experience as opposed to that of major carriers which often fall short of delivering the help you need, when you need it. Leave the mediocre wholesale VoIP providers behind and work with serious professionals for a change! Discover our voice termination for VoIP providers.

VoIP Termination for Calling Card Operators

Davox Telecom offers state-of-the-art wholesale calling card termination solutions to calling card operators and providers worldwide. We hold one of the most diverse routing option arrangements in the industry. This, combined with strong partnerships with leading carriers worldwide enables Davox Telecom to provide superior quality of service and reliability as well as highly competitive rates.

Focus on whatís really important - your business, and let us take care of your VoIP needs from soup to nuts. This way, our calling card termination solution gives you all the flexibility you need to handle customers of your own while knowing you get the absolute best technology and service to back it up at super-low rates.

Independent Software Vendors VoIP Termination

Are you developing a mobile app that needs voice integration? Are you currently working with a VoIP provider that doesnít cut it? Davox Telecom understands your unique needs and is here to help you out via the company's seamless ISV VoIP termination service. Our easily integrated solution for independent software vendors will take care of the voice call requirements to seal off that wicked app of yours. If this sounds like something you need, read more on our ISV VoIP termination service.

Business VoIP Services

Establish an impressive, worldwide presence with Davox Telecomís VoIP termination solution for enterprises of all sizes at an incredibly low cost, using the Internet infrastructure already in your office.

Davox Telecom's SIP trunking offers compelling advantages for businesses large and small looking to make serious telephony price cuts with so much more benefits than ever before. Feel like it's time for an upgrade in quality? Davox Telecom's business VoIP termination service will arm you with the carrier-grade voice communication your company needs at highly affordable costs.

Super Low VoIP Termination Rates to Top Destinations:

Top 10 Destinations
Prefix Destination Rate (USD/min)
6128 AUSTRALIA - SYDNEY 0.01280
32 BELGIUM 0.01680
86 CHINA 0.01260
1438 CANADA - MONTREAL 0.00450
852 HONG KONG 0.01650
49 GERMANY 0.00930
7499 RUSSIA - MOSCOW 0.01880
33 FRANCE 0.00870

For more destinations, check out our voice termination rates page.

At Davox Telecom we understand that amazing service quality is not always enough. There are also the unique needs of businesses that need to be taken into consideration and addressed. For this reason Davox Telecom welcomes requests of special rates for the specific destinations and call volumes your company requires in particular. You could score better rates and enjoy the same carrier-grade quality that comes standard with Davox Telecomís wholesale VoIP solutions. Contact us and weíll set you up with a great plan!

Peerless VoIP Termination Solutions

Davox Telecom's wholesale VoIP termination service equips companies of all sizes with the voice communication power, freedom and flexibility they need to keep their business growing. Hereís why Davox Telecom is ahead of the business VoIP pack:

  • Carefully selected, proactivly monitored A-Z routes
  • Billing is 1/1 for all destinations*
  • SIP supporting codecs g.729, g.711u, g.711a, gsm
  • Security via ZRTP, SRTP, SIP TLS and IPSec
  • 9 POPs worldwide, all fully redundant
  • Professional VoIP-oriented support team ensures seamless integration

*Mexico - 60/60, United States - 6/6, Gambia - 60/1

Interested in powerful yet low cost inbound VoIP and DID numbers? Davox Telecom's also offers industry grade VoIP origination service with global capacity that might fit your business requirements.

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